W ith recent emergence of novel virus COVID -19 pandemic, many dental offices across the country are closed down while some are already postponing non emergency dental treatment. Hence, it's more important to keep good oral health home care. HOME CARE FOR GOOD ORAL HEALTH Always wash your hands before and after any personal dental care. Brush twice daily with flouride containing toothpaste and medium textured tooth brush. Brush your tongue regularly. Check here Floss a day Eat a well - balanced diet for oral and general health well being. Include detergent food in your diet for cleansing and health oral cavity. Limit frequency of snacking Limit sugary drinks like soda and fruit juices which can be harmful to teeth surfaces. Drink plenty of water Avoid smoking Use of Mouth guard for contact sport

Ways to care for your tongue

Every time you brush your teeth, take a few extra seconds to brush your tongue too. 
Simply stick out your tongue and gently scrub it with your toothbrush. If brushing your tongue is uncomfortable, it’s ok and quite common.

A tongue scraper gently removes bacteria from the tongue’s surface and is easier for those with a sensitive gag reflex to use.
Clean the tongue on a regular basis to prevent bacteria from growing.
Another way is to scrape your tongue with a thoroughly washed tongue-cleaner or scraper
Rinse your mouth with water thoroughly after scraping.

You can also rinse your mouth with saline water. Take a half glass of lukewarm water and pour a half teaspoon of salt in it. Rinse your mouth five to six times a day with it.

Avoid eating foods such as black grapes and berries. These foods can also be the culprits for unwanted colour on your tongue.

Drink loads of water. Sometimes dehydration can cause change in colour of the tongue

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further clarification, Dr. Odeyemi Kolade Project Smile 32 Senior facilitator 0806-9815-500