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W ith recent emergence of novel virus COVID -19 pandemic, many dental offices across the country are closed down while some are already postponing non emergency dental treatment. Hence, it's more important to keep good oral health home care. HOME CARE FOR GOOD ORAL HEALTH Always wash your hands before and after any personal dental care. Brush twice daily with flouride containing toothpaste and medium textured tooth brush. Brush your tongue regularly. Check here Floss a day Eat a well - balanced diet for oral and general health well being. Include detergent food in your diet for cleansing and health oral cavity. Limit frequency of snacking Limit sugary drinks like soda and fruit juices which can be harmful to teeth surfaces. Drink plenty of water Avoid smoking Use of Mouth guard for contact sport

Detergent Food

Detergent food are certain types of food that cleans the mouth when eaten. They are coarse and crispy like acting like scrubbers on/around the teeth and gums, acting as natural tooth brush. Help to bring mouth PH to about 7.0 because of their relatively low acidity and properties to help eliminate oral sugars and bring down the overall PH level of the saliva. Likewise helping with reduction of mouth odour . WHEN TO EAT THEM? - Preferably after your regular meal. The last piece of every meal. DIFFERENT KINDS OF DETERGENT FOOD  -  Carrot Cucumber                                    Pears Lettuce. Cheese Celery Sticks. Sugar Cane. Cheese. Tiger Nuts. Green Pawpaw. Green Mango. HOW OFTEN?- To be taken moderately because detergent food may lead to tooth wear of the hard dental component of the teeth. Don’t hesitate to contact me for further clarification, Dr. Odeyemi Kolade Project Smile 32 Sen